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Digital Archive

The NBS Archive has begun implementing a project of digitisation of the documentary and other original material stored in the NBS to ensure its preservation and enable active use. The first segment of this project relates to digitisation of Srpske novine for the period 1883–1919.

The NBS Digital Archive represents an open, periodically updated collection of digitised items of cultural heritage. At the moment, the collection contains a series of Srpske novine, published from 1834 to 1919, and a series of annual reports of the Privileged National Bank of the Kingdom of Serbia for the period 1884–1920.

Around 16,800 issues of Srpske novine, scanned on almost 80,000 images can be searched by year, month or date of issuance. Annual reports, originally printed in 31 books, are searchable by year.

Srpske novine (1834-1919) Search - in Serbian only
Priviledged National Bank of the Kingdom Serbia – Annual Reports (1884-1920)


In case two damaged originals of the same text are available, both originals were digitised to enable a more comprehensive reading of the text.

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