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NBS and Belgrade Faculty of Mathematics Sign Memorandum of Cooperation

23. 02. 2017. NBS Governor Ms Jorgovanka Tabaković and Dean of the Belgrade Faculty of Mathematics Mr Zoran Rakić signed today the Memorandum of Cooperation.

23. 02. 2017. Народна банка Србије и Математички факултет потписали Меморандум о пословној сарадњиThe Memorandum lays down the ground for cooperation between the two institutions which share values and interests regarding the education of the general public, and students from the Faculty of Mathematics in particular, in relation to the development of mathematical and statistical models for application in monetary research and statistics, financial stability analysis, supervision of banks and financial institutions, and other NBS activities.

Among other, the Memorandum envisages a wide range of partnership activities in the form of visiting lectures and presentations by NBS representatives, participation in the Faculty’s projects regarding practical education, organisation of joint workshops and cooperation with students and representatives of students’ associations. Also, the Memorandum introduces a student internship programme, tracking of students’ performance and setting up employment programmes in line with the needs, capacities and activities of the NBS.

After signing the Memorandum, Governor Tabaković said that the NBS is committed to further improvement of cooperation with universities in Serbia and establishing a lasting partnership, support and friendship. The Governor said she was particularly proud of having established cooperation with all faculties of economics and law in the country, as well as the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, and that the Faculty of Mathematics is the first one with which it has established cooperation in 2017.

The Governor underscored that cooperation with the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade will enable students to learn more about the role, importance and functioning of the NBS, while providing the Bank with an opportunity to find new solutions for the challenges it faces.

Dean Zoran Rakić emphasised the importance of establishing links between the Faculty of Mathematics and various institutions and business entities, as this provides students with valuable experience and the opportunity to learn about the challenges that await them in their future professional lives. In view of the specificities of the challenges the NBS faces in its operations, establishing cooperation with this institution is an important step in the right direction for both the students and the Faculty. The Dean expressed his confidence that future cooperation with the NBS will be mutually beneficial and satisfactory.