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New DinaCard System Website


The NBS is informing the public that the new DinaCard website has been put in place. Next year, the DinaCard system – national card system of the Republic of Serbia will celebrate fifteen years of presence in the domestic market.

The content in this site is divided into three units intended for – card holders, merchants and banks (and other legal entities) with the intention to make the website interesting and useful to all the participants in the card payment process. The presentation will be regularly updated with new information about services and products in the DinaCard system, as they are introduced.

The goal was to make the new website interesting to both DinaCard holders and to users of other card brands in Serbia, and so the section ‘Frequently asked questions’ addresses the most common dilemmas of consumers with regards to the use of any payment card in the country and abroad, as the objective is payment card holder education as well.

We wish to stress that the complete website was entirely a result of efforts of the NBS staff. The photography captures students who attended the 2017 summer internship programme at the NBS and we wished their youth and brightness to reflect on the DinaCard system website.

We invite you to look at the DinaCard system website at DinaCard regardless of whether you use the Dina or some other card. If you are a DinaCard holder, check the website regularly to be the first to find out about the news in the system. If not, we hope that you will also become the national card holder – you just need to ask your bank to issue the DinaCard for you. DinaCard is issued by 23 banks, and you can find their list here