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DinaCards to be Used on eGovernment Portal


The NBS hereby informs citizens that DinaCards can be used on the eGovernment portal. As of yesterday, payments can be made with all DinaCards – debit, credit, business and prepaid, regardless of the issuing bank.

Electronic payment will provide greater ease and significant savings in time to DinaCard holders. This way, citizens will be able to pay administrative fees for document issuance, motor vehicle registration fees and other services available on the eGovernment.

By introducing the option of payment by the national card on the eGovernment portal, the NBS supports Serbian Government’s efforts in the process of digitisation of electronic services. This is an important step towards a cashless society, especially in view of the fact that the key aims of setting up a national card payment system were to accelerate the development of cashless payments, reduce the volume of cash in money supply and suppress the grey economy.

For more information about the DinaCard system, visit: www.dinacard.nbs.rs.