National Bank of Serbia

Cooperation Between NBS and Belgrade Faculty of Economics in Organisation of Research Seminars

NBS Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković, PhD, and Dean of the Belgrade Faculty of Economics prof. Branislav Boričić, PhD, signed today the Memorandum of Cooperation about joint organisation and implementation of international research seminars titled “Belgrade Economics and Finance Research Seminar”.

The seminars will be organised following on the tradition of research seminars successfully organised by the NBS in the past period. They will cover the topics concerning NBS functions and mandate, monetary economy, financial stability and supervision of financial institutions. Their aim is to raise the level of scientific and research work and encourage a higher quality and creative academic discussion in Serbia, through lectures held by authors with international repute, and direct exchange of opinions with participants.

Governor Tabaković reminded that for the sixth year in a row, the NBS has been achieving its main objectives – ensuring low and stable inflation and a stable financial system, while not forgetting for a single moment that improving the knowledge economy is one of the important pillars of the country’s economic development. “Knowledge cannot be replaced. We were not passive; rather, as in all other fields, we supported the development of economic research and economics in Serbia also by organising research seminars in the previous period”, the Governor said.

“Partnership in organising seminars with the Belgrade Faculty of Economics will be another step forward – further contribution to the development of economic thought in Serbia and the achievement of our mutual goals. Our cooperation will allow the Faculty of Economics to become more actively engaged in the organisation and implementation of seminars, setting the bar for their quality even higher”, the Governor underlined.

Dean Branislav Boričić stated that the joint implementation of the research seminar, already recognised as high quality in the international context, is another step of the Faculty of Economics towards raising the quality of scientific work and research at the Faculty and beyond. In this way, the Belgrade Faculty of Economics introduces a high quality, internationally-recognised research seminar, modelled on the practices at the best universities in the world. It is particularly satisfying that the seminar is implemented in cooperation with the NBS, which is another example of good practice in developed countries.

“Besides, embarking on joint implementation of this international seminar, which will analyse various issues in the area of economics and finance, is consistent with the strategy of strong internationalisation of the Belgrade Faculty of Economics. As part of this strategy, our Faculty has recently introduced three new, internationally recognised study courses (Business Informatics, Business Analysis and Consulting and Economics and Finance), and started to provide an international undergraduate study “Economics and Finance” in the English language, according to the programme of the University of London (the lead institution being the London School of Economics and Political Science), awarding two diplomas (of London and Belgrade Universities)”.

The NBS started its research seminars in 2010, hosting leading world experts from different universities and other central banks. These seminars are in all respects organised on the model of research seminars held by leading central banks and academic institutions.

The seminars will be open for all employees of the NBS and the Faculty of Economics, as well as for the staff from higher education and other relevant institutions who timely apply, and will be held on the premises of the two host institutions. All information on the seminars shall be available on the websites of the NBS and the Faculty of Economics.