National Bank of Serbia

Museum Night at the National Bank of Serbia

As part of this year's Museum Night, the photo exhibition “Legacy” authored by Zoran Milutinović will be opened at the NBS exhibition hall on Slavija Square on Saturday, 19 May, starting from 7 p.m. The exhibition will feature 98 large format photographs of animals (insects, birds, mammals).

Igor Ril, art historian and chief editor of National Geographic Srbija, who will open the exhibition, had this to say of Milutinović's photography: “The photographic records that Milutinović wants to share with us are insightful, provocative, tasteful and aesthetically pleasing, which is certainly easy to see. However, a message I noticed echoing from the equally important background is Zoran's idea not to take photographs that take your breath away, but rather to present thought-provoking images that will inspire conversations...”

Dr Zoran Milutinović, a physician and full professor at the Belgrade Faculty of Medicine took part in over three hundred exhibitions in over thirty countries on all continents, receiving over fifty awards and commendations. He is particularly interested in nature photography. He held eighteen independent exhibitions, and the Photo Association of Serbia declared him the most successful author in Serbia from 2009 to 2012.

Milutinović also has the distinctions KMF (Candidate for the Master of Photography of the Photo Association of Serbia) and EFIAP/P (Excellence FIAP Platinum of the International Federation of Photographic Art). The photomonography Legacy of the same author will also be presented on this occasion.

The exhibition will be open to the public until 2 June.