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Decisions on Leasing Supervision

Regulations based on the Law on Financial Leasing

Decision on the Implementation of the Provisions of the Financial Leasing Law Relating to the Issuance of Licenses and Approvals by the National Bank of Serbia 
RS Official Gazette, No. 85/2011 and 29/2018

Decision on National Bank of Serbia’s Reporting Requirements for Lessors
RS Official Gazette, No. 87/2012, 4/2015 and 33/2015

Decision on Minimum Conditions for the Conclusion of the Financial Lease Agreement and the Manner of Disclosing the Lease Rental and Other Costs Arising from the Conclusion of Such Agreement 
RS Official Gazette, No. 61/2015

Decision on Detailed Conditions And Manner of Conducting Supervision of Lessors’ Operations
RS Official Gazette, No. 85/2011

Regulations based on the Financial Services Consumer Protection Law

Decision Specifying the Manner of Handling Financial Services Consumer Complaints by Financial Services Providers and the National Bank of Serbia 
RS Official Gazette, No. 25/2015

Decision on Terms and Method of Calculating the Effective Interest Rate and on the Layout and Content of Forms Handed out to Consumers 
RS Official Gazette, No. 65/2011

Regulations based on the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism

Decision on the Guidelines for Assessing the Risk of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing 
RS Official Gazette, Nos 46/2009 and 104/2009

Decision on Minimum Contents of the "Know Your Client" Procedure
RS Official Gazette, No. 46/2009

Regulations based on the Accounting Law

Decision on the Content and Layout of Forms of Financial Statements of Financial Lessors
RS Official Gazette, Nos 87/2014 and 135/2014

Decision on the Chart of Accounts and the Contents of Accounts in the Chart of Accounts for Lessors - Serbian version only
RS Official Gazette, No 87/2014