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Monetary Policy | Public Debt Servicing | Trade in Foreign Savings Bonds on the Belgrade Stock Exchange

Trade in Foreign Savings Bonds on the Belgrade Stock Exchange

Trade in foreign currency savings bonds is carried out on the Belgrade Stock Exchange through Stock Exchange intermediaries (Stock Exchange Members) who are at the same time Members of the Central Registry, Depository and Clearing of Securities.

In order that a resident or non-resident natural or juridical person, or otherwise a domestic or foreign bank may trade in foreign savings bonds, they need to meet the following requirements:

  1. open a foreign currency account with a domestic commercial bank the purpose of which is trade in foreign currency savings bonds, 
  2. open an securities owner's account (for bonds) with the Central Registry of Securities, 
  3. sign a contract on intermediation services with stock exchange intermediaries who trade in securities in the name and for the account of their clients (sellers and buyers).

Resident juridical persons or entrepreneurs, as well as residents, citizens temporarily employed abroad and non-residents may engage in the securities trading on the financial market using in foreign currency as means of payment, provided that they deposit their gains on their foreign exchange bank accounts. The foreign currency funds obtained through trade in securities on the Stock Exchange, as well as funds obtained by cashing the securities prior to their maturity may be transferred abroad free of restrictions (articles 10-11 of the Law on the Settlement of Public Debt of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Arising From Foreign Currency Savings of Citizens , FRY Official Gazette, No. 36/2002).

These securities may also be traded off the market.

In line with the Decision on the Issue of the Republic of Serbia Bonds for the Purpose of Meeting the Obligations Arising from the Citizens' Foreign Exchange Savings Deposits (RS Official Gazette Nos. 48/2002 and 56/2002), the owners of A and B series bonds issued by the FR Yugoslavia may bring their bonds to the Central Registry to exchange them for the bonds issued by the Republic of Serbia.

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