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Coins and Banknotes

New 2000 Dinar Banknote

2000_din_aversResponding to actual market demands and practical daily needs of citizens, the NBS introduced a new 2000 dinar banknote to bridge the denomination gap between 1000 and 5000 dinar banknotes. The new banknote, featuring in its front the portrait of Milutin Milanković, a renowned Serbian scientist, will be placed in circulation on 30 December 2011. Governor Dejan Šoškić and other NBS officials explained at the presentation held on NBS premises that the new banknote, designed in line with the latest world standards and containing contemporary anti-counterfeit security features, is launched for practical reasons to further facilitate payment transactions in the country.

2000_din_avers“The new 2000 dinar banknote will help us reduce the total quantity of circulating banknotes by around 20 million pieces and cut the production costs by around RSD 170 million, while at the same time facilitating money operations and supplementing the current series of NBS banknote issues.

The new banknote will not boost the total amount of money in circulation, but only change the range of denominations of circulating banknotes.

With the eurozone facing an unprecedented crisis, it is essential that we watch over our dinar”, said Governor Šoškić and reminded the audience that the dinar has been the most stable currency in the region this year.

“The new 2000 dinar banknote marks the pinnacle of team work of our experts who fully aligned the design of the banknote with the latest international standards. I may freely say that the new banknote is so far best protected against counterfeiting”, said Milovan Ignjatović, General Manager of the Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins – Topčider. He added that the new banknote contains machine readable security features, the OVD kinegram and visible security fibres, making it highly difficult to counterfeit.

The 2000 dinar banknote is the first new banknote put in circulation after more than seven years. Its front features the portrait of Milutin Milanković, a world famous Serbian scientist, and the back contains the figure of Milutin Milanković with stylised presentation of his works. The new banknote is issued at the moment when NBS foreign exchange reserves are at an optimal level of EUR 11.4 billion and year-on-year inflation continues on a downward path.