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2017-03-16 14:09:56.0

DinaCard System Offers Most Favourable Fees and Charges

Of all card systems in the Serbian market, DinaCard offers the most favourable fees and charges to all participants.

The number of transactions and the turnover in the DinaCard system is continually on the rise, and almost all banks in the market issue Dina cards. At present, two million national cards are in use and almost one in every three cards held by citizens is none other than DinaCard.

Thanks to the successful functioning of the national payment card – Dina, like in developed European and world economies, there is an improvement in market competition, increased curbing of the grey economy and higher availability of cashless payments to citizens and corporates.

Owing to DinaCard, which has the lowest interbank commissions, the total costs of card transactions have been reduced in the market. Interbank commissions, on which the card-related costs of traders depend, are considerably lower in the DinaCard system than in other systems. This enables banks and other payment services providers to offer the most favourable acceptance terms to traders.

DinaCard has other advantages typical of national card schemes, hence the rules of functioning of national payment cards are efficiently customised to the needs of the local market, making the introduction of new products and services far simpler, faster and cheaper for card issuers.

In line with the system’s rules, when opening a current account a customer is issued a basic national payment card free-of-charge. This practice has had a positive effect and is now applied by other card systems operating in Serbia. It is thanks to DinaCard that the costs of banking services have been reduced for our citizens.

DinaCards – debit, credit, business or prepaid – can be used to pay goods and services at all POS terminals in the country, and to withdraw cash at all ATMs. DinaCard holders may also top up their prepaid accounts and pay bills by mobile phone. Holders of co-branded DinaCard products are entitled to special benefits at certain points of sale. Though DinaCard is a national card primarily intended for domestic transactions, depending on the issuer, it may also be used abroad on Discover, Diners Club International and Pulse acceptance networks.

DinaCard is the only card that can be used in Serbia for free-of-charge over-the-counter payments at the Treasury in respect of: personal property tax, annual personal income tax, trade in motor vehicles tax, personal income from agriculture and forestry tax, and farmers’ mandatory social insurance contributions. Together with the Directorate for eGovernment, a project is being implemented that will enable payments to the government by DinaCard via the eGovernment website, which will considerably simplify and accelerate numerous administrative procedures for citizens and corporates.

The website of the National Bank of Serbia contains a portal dedicated to DinaCard where you can learn about the manner of use and all advantages of the domestic DinaCard. We also invite you to use your DinaCard regularly.

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