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2017-12-04 15:29:22.0

NBS RTGS and Clearing System Turnover and Interbank and International Clearing of Foreign Exchange Payments in November

In the course of 22 business days in November, total 17.9 million payments were processed in the NBS RTGS (13.6 million or 76.2%) and clearing system (4.3 million or 23.8%). The average number of payments was 813,509 per day, of which 619,798 in RTGS, and 193,710 in clearing.

The value of turnover in the RTGS system amounted to RSD 4,574.6 billion, while clearing turnover reached RSD 35.4 billion, or 0.8% of the total.

Daily turnover in the RTGS and clearing system averaged RSD 207.9 billion and RSD 1.6 billion respectively.
As there was no downtime during 12,285 minutes of production, the availability of the NBS RTGS and clearing system was 100%.

Total 4,963 payments worth EUR 35,631,137.30 were processed in the interbank and international clearing of foreign exchange payments. As the system worked smoothly throughout the period under review, the availability was 100%.

Governor’s Office