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2017-12-07 14:58:25.0

All NBS Reports Presented to Parliament within Deadlines

In response to false statements voiced by some MPs at a recent Parliament session, the NBS would like to inform the public that over the past years, during the term of Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković, all of the reports which the NBS is required to submit to the Parliament, were presented within specified deadlines.

This year, the reports were delivered to the Parliament on 29 June, along with 17 copies for each caucus, and were publicly discussed at a session of the Committee on Finance, Budget and Control of Public Funds.

We would like to recall that the NBS is obligated to submit the Annual Monetary Policy Report to the Parliament by 30 June, along with an elaboration of all the factors that affected the implementation of monetary policy in the period under review. Also, by 30 September of the ongoing year, the NBS submits its Semi-Annual Monetary Policy Report to the Parliament. These reports include data and analyses on the monetary policy strategy, macroeconomic developments, as well as the defined, implemented and planned monetary policy measures.

By no later than 30 June the following year, the NBS is under obligation to submit to the Parliament the Annual Report on Activities and Results, as well as the Annual Financial Stability Report.

Governor's Office