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Payment by DinaCard With All the Conveniences of Payment by Cheque

The NBS wishes to inform the public that Poštanska štedionica bank, as the biggest issuer of DinaCard cards, at the initiative and in cooperation with the NBS, introduced for its consumers the option of instalment payments by debit DinaCard cards, free of fee and interest charges. While having all the benefits of payment by cheque, payment in instalments by this card is much faster and simpler, since the consumer does not have to queue at the cash register, waste time on cheque writing, or comply with the cheque spending limits. In other words, this unique service is a contemporary electronic substitute for the cheque. The number of instalments is up to the consumer to decide, at the moment of purchase (one to six monthly instalments) аnd the first instalment is due within 30 days. What is more, this service is fee and interest free.  

Instalment payments by DinaCard debit cards of Poštanska štedionica are made available at the initiative of the NBS and the national DinaCard payment card system, in an effort to meet the needs of domestic card holders and merchants and offer a product which has all the advantages of a cheque and the simplicity of use of a payment card.  

Poštanska štedionica bank enabled this service for all existing Post Card cards. Merchant networks where it may be used are Đak, Matis and Tehnomanija, while other major merchants in the country are expected to join soon. Poštanska štedionica bank will regularly update on its website the list of points of sale where this service can be used, and the merchants which signed the contract will post an appropriate notice on their websites and at points of sale.

This instalment payment service is extremely convenient for holders of DinaCard cards issued by Poštanska štedionica bank, because their accounts will not be debited at the moment of purchase, but as instalments come due, at which time the consumer should ensure a sufficient account balance. The total amount due for payment by DinaCard card in instalments may not exceed the consumer’s monthly salary or pension. As already mentioned, this service is made available for all existing, as well as for the newly issued DinaCard cards of Poštanska štedionica bank. 

More information about the DinaCard system can be found on www.dinacard.nbs.rs, аnd the additional information about the product on www.posted.co.rs/postcard.html

Governor’s Office