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2018-05-07 10:01:54.0

Start of Official Talks with IMF Mission about Future Cooperation

The plenary meeting held today at the NBS marks the start of official talks between representatives of the Republic of Serbia and an IMF mission. Serbia’s delegation was led by Ms Jorgovanka Tabaković, NBS Governor and Serbia’s Governor to the IMF. Representatives of the ministries of finance and economy also took part.

The IMF Mission led by Mr James Roaf will stay in Belgrade from 7 to 18 May to discuss the modalities of future cooperation with Serbia, with a focus on the current macroeconomic developments and projections. The talks about an economic programme supported by a new, non-financial consultative arrangement with the IMF are a follow-up on the dialogue held during the March visit of the IMF mission to Belgrade and the Spring Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank Group in Washington.

The new arrangement is expected to underpin the achieved macroeconomic and fiscal stability and give support to further implementation of necessary structural reforms aimed at more robust and sustainable economic growth.

Governor's Office