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Banca Intesa Enables Online Acceptance of DinaCard

The National Bank of Serbia hereby informs citizens and retailers that Banca Intesa ad Beograd, as one of the largest domestic acquirers of payment cards on the internet, has launched a campaign aimed at further expansion of e-commerce in Serbia, offering special benefits for the use of the national card brand DinaCard. Namely, to all retailers wishing to sell their products and services online, Banca Intesa will provide e-commerce service with benefits for the acceptance of payments made by the national Dina payment card.

More specifically, to the first one thousand retailers who apply for e-commerce service by 31 December 2018, the Bank will ensure:

  • free-of-charge webshop design,
  • free-of-charge wеbshop maintenance and use of the e-commerce service during the first three months,
  • DinaCard transactions without any fees during the first six months of using the service. 

After the initial three-month period, the Bank will enable retailers to include payments by the cards of other brands. 
This gives small retailers who are currently not using the e-commerce channel an opportunity to expand their business going online. It is important to note that the NBS took a number of activities in the prior period with a view to ensuring easier and cheaper access to cashless payments, chiefly to small retailers who were not able to accept payment cards as an instrument of payment due to high costs. It is the low costs associated with the national card scheme that have made possible this attractive offer so that new retailers, notably those smaller, can go online and open their internet stores. 

By engaging in e-commerce, retailers make their products and services available 24/7, all year round, which is of extreme importance because research shows that around 70% of the population is interested in online purchases. E-commerce enables lower expenditures, erases market boundaries and makes products and services available to everyone with access to internet, regardless of where they are.

Presently, retailers who decide to accept the offer of Banca Intesa will make their products and services available to all Dina card users – around two million of them.

Parallel with the campaign for new retailers, Banca Intesa is introducing the option of making payments with the national Dina card when buying from retailers who already use its e-commerce services, which is an exceptional benefit for all Dina card users (regardless of the bank that actually issued the specific Dina card) bearing in mind that as of 2007, Banca Intesa, has built a network of around 400 retailers to which it provides support in terms of e-commerce.

Among the first retailers to enable online payments with Dina cards were bookstores Delfi and Laguna, and all national Dina card users can purchase their favourite books on the websites of these stores. The NBS will duly notify the public whenever other retailers introduce this service as well.

For more information on the DinaCard system, please visit www.dinacard.nbs.rs, and to learn more about the product itself, please go to http://www.bancaintesa.rs/mali-biznis/elektronsko-poslovanje/e-commerce/pokrenite-internet-prodavnicu.2654.html.

Governor’s Office