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2012-05-11 14:04:27.0

Modified 100-Dinar Banknote Released for Circulation

Today the National Bank of Serbia released into circulation a modified 100-dinar banknote, which will be in parallel circulation with the 2003, 2004 and 2006 issues of the same banknote.

The features on the front of the new 100-dinar banknote remain the same, but the back contains the Great Coat-of-Arms of the Republic of Serbia in a new design, in accordance with the Decree on Establishing the Original Great and Small Coat-of-Arms, Flag and National Anthem of the Republic of Serbia (RS Official Gazette, No. 85 of 15 November 2010). The year of issue (’2012’) and the Governor’s signature have also been changed.

The new 100-dinar banknotes will serve to meet regular annual needs of cash payment transactions and to replace unfit banknotes of the same denomination.

Governor`s Office