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The Academy of Banking and Finance Launches the First Computer Based Management Simulation “Modern Banking“

The Academy of Banking and Finance has organized the first computer based Management Simulation “Modern Banking” as a part of a project supported by the European Agency for Reconstruction.

The new training product is designed to enable the participants to manage the complex business of a modern commercial bank in direct competition with the financial markets. Its objective is to explore and understand how a bank functions and how the management decisions in its different areas of activity permanently influence and impact its development – to the good or to the bad. The participants work in small teams to develop team working, negotiating and business presentation skills.

The 2-day train-the-trainer workshop, held on 28th and 29th of September was conducted by Mr. Jeremy Hall, an expert in technology enhanced training from the UK and the designer of the Management Simulation “ Modern Banking “. Jeremy trained banking professionals – future trainers – how to use this simulation, using the software and the background of the simulation. They understood the key model parameters and the ways of combining and fine tuning as the basis for smart and foresighted management decisions and they understood their implications for the day-to-day business.

The 1-day pilot seminar, held on the 3rd October, aimed at giving the participants – 8 young professionals – a comprehensive, hands on overview of the bank’s different operations and businesses and how they are related to each other and, last but not least, how strongly Management Decisions influence the bank’s results, short term as well as strategically on a longer time scale. Instructors at this seminar were banking professionals trained at the previously run two-day seminar, with Mr. Hall as the supervisor.

Participant’s feed back in both sessions was highly positive. They enjoyed working with this extremely interactive new method and they also stressed the fact, that they had learned so much about Modern Banking, Decision Making and Team Building in such a short period of time.

This new training product in the Academy’s portfolio is now “ tried and tested “ and will be offered regularly to the banks on an open enrolment basis - but it is also an ideal tool for in-house trainings and, may be, in-house competitions!

Academy of Banking and Finance