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Social and Cultural Programme

The National Bank of Serbia is not only an active partner in terms of educating the public, but is also engaged in a number of social and cultural projects and events. By opening its doors to visitors, the National Bank of Serbia enabled both local and foreign public to see a part of our cultural heritage: Serbian money and the messages conveyed through images depicted on banknotes and coins, as well as the Bank's building located in 12 Kralja Petra St. This is one the most beautiful 19th-century buildings in Belgrade and is included in the list of Serbian national treasures.

To promote inter-cultural ties and understanding, the Visitor Centre has taken active part in cultural events such as the the European Heritage Days, International Francophonie Day and Museum Night.

As part of its corporate social responsibility efforts, the Centre has paid particular attention to the elderly population. In an effort to enable their inclusion as active members of the community, in 2008 the Visitor Centre launched a programme entitled “Pensioners’ Evenings in the National Bank of Serbia”.

In order to boost citizen confidence and, pursuing its policy of openness and seeking to better familiarise citizens with its work, the National Bank of Serbia organises an Open Door Day on the first Saturday of April.