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During more than 130 years of its history, the National Bank of Serbia has acquired numerous valuables which testify to and reflect the development of its activities, and are closely related to the Bank’s main activities. Money, used objects, paintings and sculptures, special purpose furniture, historical documents and photographs, and old books are grouped into collections and are occasionally exhibited at the Visitor Centre of the National Bank of Serbia. These collections witness to the continuity and perseverance not only of the central bank, but of the Serbian state as well and their essential purpose is to preserve and convey the values to future generations.


The coin collection of the National Bank of Serbia is one of the most important public coin collections in the country. It includes, in chronological order: antique, medieval and modern-history money. Collections also include securities and medals.

Paintings and sculptures

The National Bank of Serbia has a collection of works of art of domestic and foreign 19th and 20th century artists, including paintings by Uroš Predić, Beta Vukanović, Vasa Pomorišac, Milan Konjović, Petar Lubarda, Mića Popović, Miloš Šobajić and other painters, as well as sculptures by Đorđe Jovanović, Sava Bocar, Hanibal de Lot and Pavle Pejović.

Used objects and furniture

The collection consists of objects used in everyday operation of the National Bank, such as scales for measuring precious metals, typing and computing machines, cash boxes, office supplies and stationary etc., as well as furniture with the NBS logo, wall and standing clocks and other items.

Archival materials – historical documents

Dating back to the foundation of the Privileged National Bank of the Kingdom of Serbia in 1884, the archival materials in possession of the National Bank of Serbia are of immense cultural and historical importance.

Books and professional literature

The library, founded in 1928 as part of the Department for Economic Studies of the National Bank of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes has a rich book fund of domestic and foreign professional literature.