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Info Services

Lists of Providers of Financial Services

List of Banks
  Financial Statements of Banks
  Representative Offices of Foreign Banks in Serbia
  List of Banks Authorized for Performing International Operations
Search of Supervised Insurance Entities
List of VPF Management Companies
   FONDex and Value of VPF Investment Units
List of Lessors
Register of Payment Institutions
Register of Electronic Money Institution
List of Electronic Money Institutions from Third Countries

Registers, Search Engines, Code Lists

Single Register of Accounts
Debtors in Enforced Collection
Register of Received Claim Enforcement Decisions
Register of Bills of Exchange or Mandate
Minimum and Maximum Amounts Paid and Charged by Banks in Exchange Transactions
Prices of Foreign Cash Transactions Between the NBS and Banks
List of Country Codes
List of Currency Codes
List of Codes for International Organisations
Codebook of Institutional Sectors for Residents and Non-Residents


Information on special purpose accounts for assistance to flood victims and removal of flood consequences

Valid price for tachograph cards

List of e-mail addresses to which authorities conducting administrative procedures may send their requests for data from official records maintained by the NBS, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on General Administrative Procedure (RS Official Gazette, No 18/2016):