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Financial Stability | Investor Relations

Arrange a Meeting With NBS Representative

Local and foreign investors, as well as economic researchers and analysts, can arrange a meeting with NBS experts.

  1. All meetings are held on NBS premises.
  2. Meeting requests are sent at: invest@nbs.rs . Only requests from official email accounts can be considered (those received from hotmail, yahoo and other general domains will be disregarded). 
  3. To ensure information is exchanged efficiently and on time, all requests should contain the following information:
    • proposed meeting agenda;
    • position of NBS staff members with whom the meeting is requested:
      • top management (governor and/or vice-governor in charge of the issue),
      • department management,
      • expert-level staff.
    • preferred date/time of the meeting (if possible, please suggest multiple dates);
    • е-mail addresses and telephone numbers of participants in the proposed meeting.
  4. In the week of the rate-setting meeting of the NBS Executive Board, Executive Board members will restrain from meeting investors or giving statements and interviews to the media.
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