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Financial Stability

Access to the Real Estate Database

Pursuant to the Law on Real Estate Valuers and the Decision on the Content, Deadlines and Manner of Submission of Data on the Valuation of Mortgaged Real Estate and Loans Secured by Mortgage, the NBS keeps a database on the valuations of mortgaged real estate.

According to this Law and the above Decision, certified valuers may also have access to certain data on the valuations of mortgaged real estate (real estate database).


In the process of granting access to the NBS information system, banks are also allowed access to certain data in the real estate database, which they may access in accordance with the Guidelines on the electronic exchange of valuation data on mortgaged real estate and on loans secured by mortgage between banks and the NBS.

Certified valuers

Certified valuers shall submit a request for accessing the real estate valuation data in the real estate database, subject to the General Terms for Accessing Real Estate Valuation Data in the Database on Real Estate Valuations by Certified Valuers (hereinafter: Terms) which shall enter into force on 15 November 2017.

In accordance with the Terms, certified valuers submit a request for gaining access to the real estate valuation data in the real estate database (hereinafter: request) on the form printed with the Terms and integral thereto.

By signing the form, certified valuers confirm they are familiar with the Terms, which have been posted on the NBS website, and that they agree to such Terms.

Together with the request (form), certified valuers shall submit to the NBS a copy of the decision whereby their certification was issued/renewed, as well as evidence of membership in an accredited professional association of valuers. The copy and the evidence of membership must be stamped.

The request with the schedules shall be submitted to the NBS as follows:

  1. By personal delivery to the NBS premises – at Nemanjina 17, 11000 Belgrade;
  2. Through a courier service which allows the NBS to see the exact time when the request was submitted to the service – delivered to Nemanjina 17, 11000 Belgrade;
  3. By sending an email to procenitelji@nbs.rs.

If the request is submitted by email, it must include the qualified electronic signature of the certified valuer and scanned schedules.

Important note: Certified valuers who, pursuant to Article 48, paragraph 5 of the Law on Real Estate Valuers, submit a written statement that at the moment of request submission they are not members of an accredited professional association of valuers, do not have to submit evidence of membership in that association when submitting a request. However, if certified valuers do not submit this evidence by 5 June 2018 (one year since the Law entered into force), they will be denied access to the database after that date.

User account creation: Upon receiving a proper and complete request, and assessing it affirmatively, the NBS shall provide the certified valuer with user account parameters, i.e. user name and password for accessing the database, by sending them to the permanent residence address specified in the request.

Email for further information: procenitelji@nbs.rs
Telephone for further information, Financial Stability Department: 011/333 – 8503