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Decisions on Bank International Operations

Authorisations for Performing International Operations

Decision Specifying Conditions for Granting and Revoking Authorization to Banks to Engage in External Transaction
RS Official Gazette, No 5/2007

Decision on Terms of Registration and Method of Keeping a Register of Banks Authorized to Perform External Transactions 
RS Official Gazette" Nos 118/2004 and 5/2007

Foreign Credit Transactions

Decision on Conditions and Manner in Which Residents May Grant Financial Loans to Non-Residents and Issue Warranties and Provide Other Collaterals Under Foreign Credit Operations and Credit Operations Between Non-Residents
RS Official Gazette, No 32/2018

Decision on the Terms and Conditions of Using Foreign Financial Credits for Purposes Set out in Article 21, Paragraph 2 of the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations
RS Official Gazette, Nos 6/2013, 74/2013 and 32/2018

Decision on Terms and Conditions of Performing Foreign Credit Transactions in Dinars 
RS Official Gazette, No 98/2013

Decision on Reporting on Foreign Credit Transactions 
RS Official Gazette, Nos 56/2013 and 4/2015

Instruction Regarding Payment of the National Bank of Serbia’s Fee for Certifying Reports on Foreign Credit Transactions 

Instruction Regarding Payment of the National Bank of Serbia’s Fee for Issuing Opinion on the Application of Regulations on Foreign Credit Transactions 

Decision on the Offsetting of Debts and Claims under Foreign Credit Operations in Foreign Exchange
RS Official Gazette, No 50/2013

Opening of a Branch or Representative Office Abroad

Decision оn Terms аnd Conditions  оf Granting аnd Revoking Consent Regarding Opening Branches оr Setting up Representative Offices оf Banks Abroad 
RS Official Gazette, No 53/2006

Decision оn the Method оf Keeping Register оf Consents for Opening Branchesand Setting up Other Organizational Forms and Representative Offices of Banks Abroad 
RS Official Gazette, No 53/2006

Opening of Foreign Banks Representative Offices in the Republic of Serbia

Decision on Detailed Requirements and the Procedure for Granting and Revoking Consent for Setting up a Representative Office of a Foreign Bank in the Republic of Serbia 
Official Gazette of the RS, No 114/2012

Decision on the Procedure for the Maintenance of the Register of Granted Approvals for the Opening of Representative Offices of Foreign Banks in the Republic of Serbia 
Official Gazette of the RS, No 53/2006