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Public Debt Servicing

Old Foreign Currency Savings Deposits

Decision on the Issuance of the Republic of Serbia Bonds for the Settlement of Obligations Arising from Citizens’ Foreign Currency Savings
RS Official Gazette, Nos 48/2002 and 56/2002

The Decision on Detailed Requirements and Manner of Performing Conversion of Citizens’ Savings Deposits into Bonds of the Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro 
FRY Official Gazette, No. 44/2002

Economic Development Loan Servicing

Decree on the Conditions and Manner of Redemption of Republic of Serbia Bonds Issued in Respect of the Economic Development Loan Before Maturity for the Purpose of Paying Certain Costs 
RS Official Gazette, No. 95/2004

Decree on the Conditions for the Performance of Conversion of Established Claims and Registration, Manner of Redemption and Withdrawal of Bonds Issued with Regard to the Payment of Foreign Currency of the Economic Development Loan 
RS Official Gazette, No. 95/2004