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Monetary Policy | Public Debt Servicing

Redemption of RS A2015 Series Bonds

Redemption of RS A2015 series bonds will begin on 1 June 2015, as their maturity falls on a non-working day (Sunday, 31 May 2015).

The bonds will be paid out in euros or, on holder’s request, in dinars. Bond redemption funds are set aide and will be paid from the budget of the Republic of Serbia.

The Central Securities Depository and Clearing House records as at 20 May 2015 show that EUR 331.2 mln in RS A2015 series bonds were registered in securities accounts of bond holders. 

Although conversion of old foreign currency savings to bonds is normally offered by banks at all times, please note that, exceptionally, this service will be discontinued from 18 to 30 May 2015, due to technical preparations for the payment of RS А2015 series bonds.

When collecting payment in respect of А2015 series bonds, А2002-А2014 series bonds can also be redeemed to those who failed to present them for payment at maturity.

Legal and natural persons that acquired bonds through trade will have the relevant funds transferred, by 1 June 2015, to their cash accounts by the Central Securities Depository and Clearing House a.d. Belgrade, via members maintaining their securities accounts.

The bearers of FRY A series bonds and B series bond coupons in physical form will receive payment at bank counters.

Conversion of foreign currency savings deposited with Nova Agrobanka a.d. Belgrade in bankruptcy and Privredna banka a.d. Belgrade in bankruptcy and the redemption of bonds are now effected through Čačanska banka a.d. Čačak.

For further information about the conversion and payment of bonds, please contact the National Bank of Serbia – Monetary Operations Department, Public Debt Division, on working days from 9 am to 3 pm, at telephone numbers: 011/ 333-8164; 333-8183; 333-8181 and 333-8165, or the NBS Info Centre, telephone number: 011/ 0800-111-110.