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Financial Markets

FX Market Operations - News

FX interventions

The National Bank of Serbia is implementing a managed float exchange rate regime. The exchange rate is freely formed, based on supply and demand. As defined by the Memorandum of the National Bank of Serbia on Inflation Targeting as a Monetary Strategy and the monetary policy programme, the National Bank of Serbia may intervene in the foreign exchange market in order to ease excessive short-term volatility of the exchange rate of the dinar, to preserve price and financial stability and to maintain an adequate level of FX reserves.

FX swap auctions

In line with the calendar of regular FX swap auctions (EUR/RSD), the National Bank of Serbia organises two-week and three-month auctions of swap sale and purchase of euros for dinars. The aim of these auctions is to bolster development of the interbank swap market and to support banks in liquidity management and in overcoming the problems arising from the limits in interbank trading in the money market.


NBS Intervenes by Buying Foreign Currency, Official Middle EUR/RSD Exchange Rate Tomorrow 117.9519
20.05.2019. The NBS has intervened today in the interbank foreign exchange market by buying...
Official Middle EUR/RSD Exchange Rate on Monday, 20 May, 117.9389
17.05.2019. Based on the character and intensity of factors affecting the exchange rate...
Two-Week EUR/RSD Swap Auctions
17.05.2019. There was no trading today at the two-weeks EUR/RSD swap auctions held by the NBS in order to supply additional euro and dinar liquidity.
Additional EUR/RSD Swap Auction Organised
16.05.2019. Today, for the sixth time in 2019, the NBS organised an additional two-week swap auction, where in the first leg it bought from banks foreign exchange – euros for dinars, more specifically EUR 87 mn at weighted average swap points of 990, supplying banks with dinar liquidity in the amount of RSD 10.3 bn. Given the success of achievement of planned objectives at previous additional swap auctions, today's auction whose first legs falls due on the first day of the new required reserve maintenance period, was organised to continue with the preservation of the relative stability of short-term market interest rates. As so far, the NBS will keep a close eye on movements in the domestic financial market and respond when necessary in order to ensure its smooth functioning.
Official Middle EUR/RSD Exchange Rate Tomorrow 117.9612
16.05.2019. Based on the character and intensity of factors affecting...