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Payment System

Payment System

In the broadest sense of the term, payment system is a set of systems enabling transfer and circulation of funds. To perform its role successfully, the payment system must fulfill three prerequisites. One is that the financial assets should be kept in payment transaction channels for as short a time as possible. The second involves reliability and implies secure performance of transactions and uninterrupted availability, while the last, but not the least, is the affordability of the prices of these services.

Considering that the payment system strongly influences the velocity of flows in the economy, overall costs and liquidity of participants, and that it serves as a monetary policy transmission channel (disruptions in the payment system could compromise public confidence in the financial system as a whole), it comes naturally that the central bank should be the one highly interested in ensuring its efficient functioning.

In fact, one of the key legally-mandated functions of the National Bank of Serbia is to regulate, oversee and promote smooth operation of the national payment system.

Direktna banka a.d. Kragujevac Launches Instant Payments at POS
27.03.2020. Based on the NBS approval, Direktna banka a.d. Kragujevac has enabled its payment service users...
Number of Concluded Distance Contracts in 2019
20.03.2020. In 2019, 44,294 financial service contracts between banks and financial service consumers were concluded as distance contracts...
AIK banka a. d. Beograd Launches Instant Payments at POS
10.03.2020. Based on the NBS approval, AIK banka a. d. Beograd has enabled its payment service users to carry out instant payments at POS via the upgraded m-banking application and to pay bills with the NBS IPS QR code. More information can be found at AIK banka’s branches and by contacting the bank toll-free at: 0800 10 10 15.
NBS RTGS and Clearing System Turnover and Interbank and International Clearing of Foreign Exchange Payments in February
06.03.2020. In the course of 19 business days in February, total 18.3 million payments were processed...
NBS IPS System in February 2020
06.03.2020. The NBS IPS system, which operates 24/7/365, processed 1,641,613 payments during the 29 days of February...
Eurobank a.d. Beograd Launches Instant Payments at POS
05.03.2020. Based on the NBS approval, Eurobank a. d. Beograd has enabled all its payment service users...
Robust Growth in Cashless Payments in 2019
05.03.2020. The number of e- and m-banking users is constantly rising. At end-2018, total 2,465,904 users...
Instant Payments at Merchant POS through NBS IPS System Become Reality
27.02.2020. As of today, the NBS has made available a new manner of payment at points of sale (POS) – a payment instrument which can be used at IPS-labelled POS (Instant Payments Serbia) to issue an order for instant payment of goods and services...
DinaCard Payments at Treasury Administration Counters
14.02.2020. DinaCard is the only card in Serbia that can be used for making payments at the counters of the Treasury Administration of the Ministry of Finance...
Steady Growth in IPS Transactions
14.02.2020. To create conditions for the application of innovative solutions in the area of payment services, the NBS launched the Instant Payments Serbia...
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