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Payment System | Statistics


Overal Payment System Indicators

RTGS System and Clearing System Turnover and Number of Orders:
IPS NBS System Turnover and Number of Orders:
Interbank Clearing of Foreign Exchange Payments:
Overall NBS RTGS System and Clearing System Indicators:
Payment Transaction Indicators – Trend (January 2014 - June 2019)
Peak Values in the NBS RTGS System and Clearing System (2007-2018)

Data regarding the provision of payment services and electronic money issuance, submitted by payment service providers to the NBS on a quarterly basis, as of Q1 2016

Data on internal and interbank payment transactions, other data relating to payment transactions in the country and data on transactions with payment cards, submitted by banks to the NBS, ending with data for Q4 2015

Statistical Data on Payment Transactions in RS:

Payment Card Operations of Banks:


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