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External Relations | Donations Programme

Donations Programme

Foreign donations and humanitarian assistance are received in accordance with the Law on Donations and Humanitarian Aid adopted in September 2001 (“FRY Official Gazette“, No. 53/2001). Subject to this law, donations may be given to government bodies, local government units, public enterprises, public institutions, other organizations and non-profit communities, as well as domestic and foreign humanitarian organizations.

Pursuant to the Law, donations and humanitarian assistance may be provided in kind, in services, money, securities, ownership and other rights.

All activities pertaining to the planning, provision and use of foreign donations and humanitarian assistance are coordinated by the Republic of Serbia’s Ministry of Finance.

FX donations to government bodies and organisations are paid in through the National Bank of Serbia’s accounts abroad.

In the 2000 – June 2019 period, foreign exchange in the equivalent value of USD 1,412,278,871.31 was paid to the credit of the above accounts, which, broken down by year, amounts to:

2000/2001 USD 92,967,622.67
2002 USD 128,737,819.48
2003 USD 48,222,417.36
2004 USD 8,603,038.87
2005 USD 49,000,445.94
2006 USD 21,767,221.30
2007 USD 26,972,349.31
2008 USD 38,359,944.25
2009 USD 96,296,908.35
2010 USD 113,967,848.03
2011 USD 73,722,388.32
2012 USD 59,366,608.02
2013 USD 39,801,638.78
2014 USD 54,650,343.09
2015 USD 87,366,875.65
2016 USD 50,183,539.69
2017  USD 146,139,812.80
2018  USD 234,658,078.14
2019 (Till June, 30) USD 24.426.447,01
TOTAL SUM USD 1,412,278,871.31 

Donations in kind to government bodies and organizations subject to intergovernmental agreements are recorded in off-balance sheet accounts with the NBS. Intergovernmental agreements on donations in kind have so far been signed with the governments of the People’s Republic of China and Japan.

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