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10-dinar Banknote


10-dinar Banknote - obverse
10-dinar Banknote - reverse
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Decisions by year of issuance: Main motifs on the obverse: Main motifs on the reverse: Governor signature: Dimensions: Color: In circulation from:
2006 Portrait of Vuk Stefanovic Karadžic, his writing kit, and an open book (exhibits from the standing collection of the Museum devoted to Vuk S. Karadžic and Dositej Obradovic) and three letters of modern Serbian alphabet Figure of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic (photo detail) , participants to the First Slavic Congress held in Prague in 1848 (photo detail) and vignette of letters; great coat-of-arms of the Republic of Serbia in the top left corner of the banknote, against ochre background Radovan Jelašić  62 x 131 mm Predominantly ochre-yellow with brown and green tones May 19, 2006
2011 Dejan Šoškić September 30, 2011
2013 Jorgovanka Tabaković May 24, 2013

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