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2000-dinar Banknote


2000-dinar Banknote - obverse
2000-dinar Banknote - reverse
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Decisions by year of issuance: Main motifs on the obverse: Main motifs on the reverse: Governor signature: Dimensions: Color: In circulation from:
2011 Portrait of Milutin Milanković; in the central part: the figure of Milutin Milankovic sitting at his work desk; presented below: the graphic presentation of his calculations of movement of the snow line for the past portion of the Quarternary of 600000 years Figure of Milutin Milanković, a fragment of a stylised presentation of the sun disk; in the central part: presentation of Milanković’s work “The Path of the North Celestial Pole”; great coat-of-arms of the   Repubic of Serbia  in the top left corner, against olive background Dejan Šoškić 74 x 155 mm Predominantly grey-olive with yellowish-orange and blue nuances December 30, 2011
2012 Jorgovanka Tabaković December 7, 2012


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