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Annual Report on Activities and Results

The National Bank of Serbia submits its Annual Report on Activities and Results to the National Assembly no later than 30 June of the next year.

As stipulated in the By-Law of the National Bank of Serbia the Annual Report presents data on the achievement of the National Bank of Serbia’s objectives and the performance of its tasks relating to monetary and foreign exchange policies, international reserves management, measures and activities aiming to safeguard financial system stability, banking supervision, insurance supervision, voluntary pension fund management company supervision, leasing supervision, issue of banknotes and coins, cash flow management and payment system.

The Report also contains financial statements of the National Bank of Serbia disclosing the most important items within income and expenses, as well as assets, liabilities and capital. The Report further presents data on the institutional framework of the National Bank of Serbia, its legislative/legal activity, international cooperation, financial services consumer protection, payment cards, internal audit and information technology, internal organisation and staff policy, human resources, operations of the Bank’s branches and the Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins – Topčider, as well as data on other activities of the National Bank of Serbia.

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