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Conferences and Research Courses Held


International Conference "Economic Governance in Europe and EU Accession Process: What is the Role of Central Banks?"

National Bank of Serbia, 27 and 28 May

Annual Young Economists Conference 2012

National Bank of Serbia, 14 and 15 June 2012

First Annual Conference of Young Serbian Economists 

National Bank of Serbia, 22 and 23 June 2011

The Chief Economist Office organised the First Annual Conference of Young Serbian Economists.  The aim of this conference was to gather in one place active Serbian researchers in the area of economics and finance based in the country and abroad. The conference attracted participation of best young Serbian economists – PhD students, as well as academics who recently earned their doctoral degrees from domestic or foreign universities, who presented their original papers and exchanged views with a group of top Serbian economists, including prof. Bojan Jovanović, New York University. In addition to authors and the discussion panel members, other economists interested in this unique gathering also took part. Papers were written and presented in the English language.

The best paper award went to "World Trade Patterns and Prices: The Role of Productivity and Quality Heterogeneity" by Teodora Borota.

Fourth Annual Conference of the “South-East European Monetary History Network”

National Bank of Serbia, 27 March 2009

The National Bank of Serbia hosted the 4th Annual Conference of the South-East European Monetary History Network (SEEMHN) . The first three annual conferences were successfully organised in Sofia (BNB) in 2006, Vienna (OeNB) in 2007 and Athens (BoG) in 2008. The fourth conference, held on 27 March 2009 in Belgrade, gathered more than 30 economists, economic historians and representatives of central banks from 11 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, England, France, Greece, Germany, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Turkey and Serbia. The National Bank of Serbia has been a SEEMHN member since the network’s foundation and its representatives have taken part in all previous SEEMHN conferences [ ... ]


Master Course in Macroeconomics

National Bank of Serbia, 15 – 19 July 2011

A Master Course in Macroeconomics was given by Professor Peter N. Sinclair, an esteemed lecturer at the University of Oxford and the University of Birmingham, аnd Advisor to the Governor of the Bank of England [ ... ]