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Serbian Delegation at Annual Meetings of IMF and World Bank Group

The delegation of the Republic of Serbia, led by Governor Jorgovanka Tabaković, NBS Governor and Governor of the IMF for Serbia, will attend the Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group (8–16 October) in Bali, Indonesia. The Serbian delegation, consisting of representatives of the NBS and Ministry of Finance, will take part in the Meetings from 10 to 15 October.

The topics on the agenda include global economic trends and outlook, developments in global financial markets and key challenges to economic policies. A special focus will be placed on digitisation and new technologies, and their timely application and continuous development, aimed at long-term sustainable economic growth.

The Serbian delegation will hold talks with IMF representatives about the latest macroeconomic and fiscal trends, and progress in the field of structural reforms, including the results of the new economic programme supported by the Policy Coordination Instrument, whose first review was carried out during the recent visit of the IMF mission to Belgrade.

Talks with World Bank representatives will centre on current and future financial cooperation within the Country Partnership Framework 2016–2020.

This event also provides a platform for presenting investment opportunities in bilateral meetings.

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