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Latest technology

Nowadays ZIN has the latest technology in

banknote printing on the machines typical for such kind of production with the most modern equipment for electronic graphical prepress and banknote design, the equipment for applying the application media (holograms, kinegrams). The equipment for manufacturing and finishing of banknotes consists of De La Rue Giori machines: two Super Intaglio machines, two Super Numerota machines, Super Simultan machine, two Cut Pack 1 and 2 finishing lines, Gietz application machine. All this enables the Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins to produce high quality banknotes protected against forgery.

- minting circulating and numismatic coins

For many years the circulating coins have been minted on the Schuler machines. Within its modernization program the Institute has acquired a new Schuler press and vertical Grabener press.

Nowadays, the Institute has large capacities, including minting of profiled coins (hexagonal and octagonal …).

YIN is also producing commemorative and numismatic coins in proof and high gloss technique.

The same technique applies for the manufacturing of plaques and other similar products made of precious and non-ferrous metals.

in production of securities

ZIN possesses the latest Heidelberg equipment for the top quality multicolor printing system, high capacity Kugler automatic line, Louda laser perforating machine, Zeiser machine for precise numbering, Bickel machine for the perforation of different types of stamps, Blummer machine for cutting and striping of tax labels, other labels and similar, Stabl machine for sheet folding, and machine for the application of magnetic stripes on booklets.