Enquiry into the Register is made by selecting the issuer’ name from the drop-down menu for issuers: court, tax administration, customs, executor, other decisions and by entering mandatory data on the number of the decision and debtor’s registration number.When entering the number of the decision, at least three continuous numbers from the number of the decision must be entered, with no blanks, hyphens, letters and special signs.
Debtor’s registration number or uniform number of public funds beneficiaries (JB KJS) is a mandatory entry.
The enquiry helps obtain data on received, returned, postponed and suspended decisions received by enforced collection from 14/05/2005 ending with the day preceding the enquiry day.Data on decisions received before the specified date, decisions on temporary measures, and data on decisions for debtors undergoing bankruptcy, can be obtained by sending a request on the form (PN ZAHTEV 1a) to the e-mail address: zahtevzapotvrde@nbs.rsData on received decisions and the date of execution of decisions that you obtain based on this enquiry represent official data.Data on the sequence of collecting decisions and the total amount of debtor's blocked funds until the decision date, are issued, in the form of a certificate, by the Division for the Receipt, Control and Entry of Execution Titles and Payment Orders – Kragujevac (link).