Implementation of Basel Standards in Serbia

At its meeting of 15 December 2016, the NBS Executive Board adopted the following decisions (published in the RS Official Gazette, No 103/2013) which introduce Basel III standards in the Republic of Serbia: 

  • Decision on Capital Adequacy of Banks,
  • Decision on Disclosure of Data and Information by Banks,
  • Decision on Reporting on Capital Adequacy of Banks,
  • Decision Amending the Decision on Reporting Requirements for Banks,
  • Decision on Liquidity Risk Management by Banks,
  • Decision Amending the Decision on Risk Management by Banks.

In addition to ensuring alignment with relevant acquis communautaire in the field of banking, the new regulations are expected to increase resilience of the banking sector by enhancing the quality of capital and introducing capital buffers, to increase the efficiency of monitoring and controlling banks’ exposure to liquidity risk, to further strengthen market discipline and transparency of operation of banks in the Republic of Serbia by publishing all relevant information on bank operation, as well as to bring the reporting system in line with the new regulatory arrangements.