Security features of banknotes

The history of counterfeit money begins with the introduction of the concept of money. While money issuers try to improve issuing techniques and security features, the counterfeiters use numerous scientific and technical achievements in an attempt to imitate security features as closely as possible so as to pass fake money into circulation and obtain profit. Since having counterfeits means loss for the one who is in the possession of it, it is very important to know the security features of money and to refuse to take suspected fakes.
The banknotes issued by the National Bank of Serbia for payment purposes in the territory of the Republic of Serbia are issued in accordance with the highest world standards of counterfeit suppression, by applying both visible and hidden (invisible to the naked eye) security elements, by combining different printing techniques and by using special colours – all for the purpose of protecting the original money from counterfeiting. Naturally, in order to make the difference between the original and counterfeit money, one needs to learn, first of all, the security features of certain denominations and to check their presence at the time of taking the money.

Seeking to suppress money counterfeiting, the National Bank of Serbia would like to present to the wider public the details of security elements protecting dinar banknotes.


Security features of 1000-dinar banknote

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Security features of 2000-dinar banknote

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Security features of 5000-dinar banknote

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