NBS provides additional support to financial system dinar liquidity – repo purchase of dinar government securities

On Tuesday, 24 March, the NBS will hold two repo auctions to buy dinar government securities, with transaction maturity of seven days and three months, at a favourable interest rate of 0.75% (equal to the deposit facility rate).

These auctions represent yet another type of support to the domestic financial system and economy amid the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Hence, in addition to the additional swap auction of FX purchase to be organised on Monday, 23 March, banks will be given another opportunity to obtain the necessary dinar liquidity. By holding these two types of auctions (repo purchase of securities and swap purchase of foreign exchange), the NBS aims to facilitate liquidity management for banks. In this way, banks will be able to obtain the necessary dinar liquidity on account of both dinar government securities (repo auctions) and foreign exchange (FX swap auctions), which would serve as collateral in the said transactions with the central bank.

The NBS will continue to keep a close eye on banking sector liquidity and movements in the local financial market, ready to hold repo auctions and additional FX swap auctions if necessary, as well as to use all other instruments at hand, in order to ensure smooth functioning of the domestic financial system and economy.

Governor's Office