Additional FX swap auction – NBS provides to banks liquidity worth RSD 14.9 billion

At yesterday’s additional three-month EUR/RSD swap auction, the NBS swap bought EUR 127 mn, which is equivalent to banks’ demand at the auction, at fixed swap points of 2.525. The NBS thereby provided to banks dinar liquidity worth EUR 14.9 bn, at a favourable interest rate of 0.85%, which largely covers the cost of depositing the purchased FX funds (euros), at a negative interest rate in the international market.

The additional FX swap auction was held in order to support the domestic financial system and overall economic flows in the current emergency state declared by the Republic of Serbia amid the spread of COVID-19.

As so far, the NBS will keep a close eye on banking sector liquidity and movements in the financial market, ready to hold additional FX swap auctions if necessary, as well as to use all other instruments at hand, in order to ensure smooth functioning of the domestic money market and the financial system at large.

Governor’s Office