Exchange operations

Exchange operations are transactions of purchase from and sale to natural persons of foreign cash and cheques denominated in foreign currency in accordance with regulations

Exchange operations are governed, inter alia, by the provisions of Article 39 of the Law on Foreign Exchange Operations (RS Official Gazette, Nos 62/2006, 31/2011, 119/2012, 139/2014 and 30/2018) and the Decision on Terms and Manner of Performing Exchange Operations (RS Official Gazette, Nos 84/2018, 86/2018, 53/2020, 32/2022 and 39/2023).

Exchange operations may be performed by: banks, resident economic entity performing exchange operations pursuant to a separate law governing its activity (public postal operator) and residents – legal persons and entrepreneurs, authorised to perform exchange operations.

The authorisation to perform exchange operations is issued by the National Bank of Serbia (NBS).

Minimum and Maximum Amounts Paid and Charged by Banks in Exchange Transactions

Purchased and sold foreign cash