Priviledged National Bank of the Kingdom Serbia – Annual Reports

(Serbian version only)


Following up on the project of digitisation of documentary material and in order to mark the 125th anniversary of the commencement of operations of the National Bank (2 July 1884), the NBS Archive digitised for posting on the NBS website the annual reports on operations of the Privileged National Bank of the Kingdom of Serbia 1884–1920.

The annual reports were produced by the Shareholders’ Committee – the supreme body of the Bank. Regular shareholders’ meetings were held once a year, usually in March. The contents of annual reports were more or less standardised and encompassed reports of the Governing and Supervisory Councils, notes to the accounts, balance sheet and Shareholders’ Committee meeting minutes with the list of elected members of the Governing and Supervisory Councils enclosed.

Annual reports pertaining to the wartime years from 1914 to 1919 and January 1929 were adopted by the Shareholders’ Committee and published in 1920.

Within the project, 31 books of annual reports were digitised on 1783 images (pages).